The “industry” is having conversations about document management related to real estate…
Leslie Ebersole

Thanks for that perspective Leslie Ebersole.

I couldn’t agree more with your comments about mortgage leading on the document management front, but mostly in relation to how mortgage related docs get processed. And I think this is an important topic that will mostly be decided on in closed meetings and at levels that I don’t personally engage in.

While lots of brokers and teams have sophisticated document management systems/software in place to manage transactional paperwork workflows (like sales agreements and addendum), tools which serve the operations ecosystem well…they are back-end focused in nature.

The thesis of my post is most concentrated on front-end document signature and management, lead by real estate agents interfacing with clients in active negotiations of sales contracts. Brokerages might have policy in place in which these agents are mandated to manage “final” versions of signed documents in a transaction management system — but the most waste, insecurity, liability, and breakdown of the experience has been multiplied in the offer, counter-offer, and acceptance stages of negotiations.

When contracts are taken out of their native states multiple times, transmitted through mixed formats, saved in various stages of completion, and distributed across multiple mediums it is wasteful and risky for everyone involved. But mostly is dreadful to experience and embarrassing to manage.

My goal is to continue the conversation, so I look forward to more discussions from all vantage points.

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