Day 7: First week complete

7 days down. I feel as though I’m celebrating a huge milestone. Is this what an anniversary feels like? No, my future wife would probably have a conniption if I compared our first anniversary to me celebrating waking up early for a week straight…best I take that comparison out of my head. Regardless, I am ecstatic to have the first week done! There truly exist two individuals: those who would tell me I have 358 days left and those who would be elated I hit my first 7 consecutive days. Let it be known I welcome both with open arms — those who say I have 358 days left I welcome you with open arms with 358 feet separating us.

I’ve learned a great deal about myself and others in a mere 168 hours. You would be amazed at the candor people have this early in the day. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by the feedback and constructive criticism given by those reading and I thank you as you help me refine these posts on a daily basis.

A couple of my initial observations after a week:

  • If I don’t write a clear action plan for the morning prior to going to bed, I waste too much of my gained time in the morning — guilty of napping from 5 to 6 on Day 3 I believe, no more though!
  • Around noon to 2 pm when the reality of having been awake already for 8 to 10 hours hits, the urge to sleep punches you with the ferocity of Mike Tyson, resist the urge and a second gear of energy will undoubtedly kick in
  • 6–7 hours of work can be accomplished in 3 early in the day because of how little distractions exist
  • I talk about it getting up early way too much to people as if it’s a badge of honor , without them asking— really need to put that in check…
  • Regardless of how much of a night owl I am, to get up early my body forces me to sleep earlier
  • No one cares if I go to sleep earlier. Am I potentially missing something at night while I sleep? Perhaps. But there’s more to gain for me to stop me
  • I can have my spiritual growth and have my social life
  • Friday’s and Sunday’s are the toughest days — waking up early on Friday to then go out Friday night presents a fascinating conundrum complete with potential quadruple vision and hallucinations around 2 am from fatigue
  • Waking up at 4:30 and posting at 4:30 can’t happen so you either wake up even earlier, guilty of waking up at 3:15, or you post at 5 am
  • Finally, prepare for initial typos. I enjoy stream of consciousness, I proofread later in the day. I know it’s a cop out to say its early, but give me a break I have 358 more days to perfect this ;)!

Thank you to those enjoying this ride with me thus far. 1 week down 51 more to go!