Five Reasons Why Mike Pence Will Resign First

They are BOTH guilty af.

I’ve tweeted a few times that Donald Trump will outlast Mike Pence: that the VP will resign first. While recent events have sped up the timetable on the President’s own ouster, I still believe that Mike Pence will never take the White House. Here’s why:

1/ He’s guilty af.
Pence was brought into the campaign by Manafort (indicted for Conspiracy Against the United States) and continued to work with his deputy, Rick Gates (ditto) after Paulie Walnuts resigned after his fishy Ukraine ties became too damaging politically (I know — quaint, right?). After the Kushner coup, he usurped Chris Christie as head of the transition. In that role, he was in almost constant contact with Mike Flynn. This doesn’t take into account the email shenanigans, the paying-off-the-mortgage-with-campaign-money, and God knows what else. There’s also this fun fact Adam Parkhomenko reminds us of:

One doesn’t lawyer up early unless one is guilty af.

2/ Pence is an accomplished liar with a knack for staying out of the spotlight.
In his own way, he’s even better at it than Trump. Watch the @VP debate from last year. His eyes are so mesmeric, and false witness flows so effortlessly from his reptile lips, it’s easy to want to believe him. Don’t. He’s full of shit. Here, look:

And while he’s been able to stay out of the spotlight, overshadowed by the quasar-like wattage of Trump…well, criminals lurk in the darkness for a reason (hi, Hope Hicks!).

3/ It makes no sense to replace a president up to his eyeballs in treason with one only waist-deep.
Mad Dog is pristine. McMaster’s okay. Carson is clueless but on the up and up. That concludes the list of blameless Trump administration people. ALL of them have to go. Including Pence. The Trump Treason Train has to be blown off the rails, not given a slightly-less-guilty conductor.

4/ The succession plan is easier with Pence gone.
As I proposed in May, when Trump is caught by the short-hairs, he names a non-collaborator Republican (so few to choose from, alas) as the new VP. Kasich would be good. Romney. Evan McMullin FTW! Then we’d have an untainted, competent chief executive as soon as Trump himself resigned.

5/ Eliminates the Gerald Ford scenario for Trump.
Mueller — and I use “Mueller” as shorthand for “all Americans regardless of party affiliation who prefer our president not be compromised by a hostile power” — would insist on Pence leaving first to eliminate the possibility of a pardon. Which would hasten Trump’s own inevitable resignation.

Again, events are now moving so fast, it’s difficult to predict what might come next. Fresh indictments will continue to be made public, and our understanding of Trump/Russia will change. But at this moment, Pence must go first.