Let’s Talk About…(A Repository of Trump/Russia Twitter Threads)

Greg Olear
Oct 27 · 1 min read
Yours Truly. Photo by Franco Vogt.

I’m setting this page up for quick and easy reference. A full list of threads is available here. My new podcast is available here. Info on my book, Dirty Rubles, can be found here. If you want to support my work, please buy a book or two, or visit the Zibbet store.

Trump, Putin, & the Russian mob

Trump is a Russian asset & mob money launderer (pinned)

Trump’s relationship to the mob, and what “the mob” really is.

Let’s talk about organized crime.

Putin & terror (note date of publication)

Trump is a serial rapist

Trump & sex trafficking


The Dirty Rubles intro thread

A multiplicity of Watergates…runs down the big-name collaborators.

Pedophilia, sycophancy, offshore $$$

2020 Election

Bernie Sanders is horrible, explained:

Tulsi Gabbard is in a cult — still:

I’m a single-issue voter: fuck Putin. #Kamala2020

Persons of Interest

Mike Pence

Ghislaine Maxwell

Donald Trump. Jr.

Rand Paul

Jared Kushner, #BoyPlunder

Brett Kavanaugh: #WhoOwnsKavanaugh?

Wayne LaPierre & the NRA

Julian Assange & Wikileaks

MBS, Saudia Arabia, Nuclear Weapons deal

Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, Kushner, Trump, MBS

Sean Hannity

Paul Manafort

Greg Olear
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