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Vincent Reinders

A message from a music lover…

Well we all don’t exactly know what will happen on Friday. But I fear that it will be a sad thing for many of us. Let me explain why there’s a strange feeling in my stomach:

I call myself an advanced music listener who is desperately trying to find an efficient way to discover new music (my daily time for that is very limited). Unfortunately I ran into 22tracks far too late. To quickly go through all new recommendations with your App several times a week was just perfect for me. I filled up my saved tracks list and once every 1–2 weeks it was shopping time! I spent several hundred Euros during the past months only on music I discovered on 22tracks. Unfortunately “shopping” was quite a project each time. I got one third from iTunes or CDs from Amazon, the second third from specialized download services like Juno and for the last third I hat do real-time-record your stream because the track was available nowhere!

And this is the point where the strange feeling in my stomach kicks in. I’m pretty sure that you will leave your excellent musical niche when you base your service on Spotify. I do not use any of these services because many of my favourites aren’t available there. My solution still is to simply own the tracks I love.

I of course understand that your service was not sustainable. I showed it to many people — they all were amazed but none of us could figure out the business model behind all that. I would have been absolutely willing to pay for premium services — and I’d rather spend my money for your service than for Spotify (Which offers 38 Million tracks I don’t need). Of course it would make no sense to copy the Spotify model for such a small specialized Service like 22tracks. But it would have made my music shopping experience a dream if it would have been possible to buy all tracks directly on 22tracks. It would have been “shopping heaven” for me to browse through the recommendation back-catalogue of individual DJs. I always hoped that you introduce something like that one day and I wonder if you had all those ideas as well. I believe that there’s plenty of room for specialized music stores besides iTunes.

Well, I had to get that off my heart. Of course I will take a look at the “new 22tracks”. I just fear that my music collection will not grow at such an amazing speed anymore…

Cheers, Gregor.

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