Making Open Source a Happier Place
Max Lynch

Hi Max. Why does your article look like you want to get Community blessing of the decisions your team did? :)

I love Ionic framework. As a hardcore developer in Enterprise world however, I see the connection between Ionic team and me (us), totally different. I always get hit by a wall of ignorance when asking advanced questions.

Furthermore, getting a reply as “why would you send 5 request to server on one page, lol” doesn’t look someone is thinking out-of-the box at all.

From our perspective, it just looks like Ionic, in developing process of Ionic 2, made few wrong steps, but it is us, who are to blame even though, as I could read in one of Ionic blog entries, saying “In addition, we underestimated the impact of some of our more ambitious changes with the build process” Ionic was somehow to blame.

However, also lol-ing on developers because we expect faster loading times and better compilation results is just something I can’t expect from a company standing behind one of the best JS framework out there.

Keep up the good work and hope to see you on the right track as you always were!