A few months after launch, what’s next?

It has been a while since I launched VideoFix, and I think it is due for an update. It has been about 4 months since I published it on May 6, 2016. I have not done any marketing other than sharing it on Facebook and a couple of friends that shared it with me, but I am quite happy with some of the results so far.

The downloads are good, but they are not that great. What makes me excited to go back and make updates is the fact that there is people using the app. There is people using something I made, how cool is that!?. These figures might not mean much to other developers, but for me this was a big challenge as an app, and to see that it is being used by other people keeps me motivated. As of now there is a total of 2250 videos filtered and 2000 videos exported :)

For the curious, the $10 in sales came from having the app as a paid app for 2 days during the first week of launch. I quickly switched back to a free app after realising my mistake.

There are a lot of things that I could have done better before launch, such as marketing promotions, a beta version, more testing, a press kit, better user experience, a tutorial or walkthrough etc… But, these things take a lot of time and effort, and other things get on the way, so I decided to launch with what I had, and treat it as a learning experience.

Updates on hold

What kept me from doing updates as soon as I saw crash reports was that I was tired, I needed a break from all the work, and I was also studying for an english exam to obtain a visa to remain in Australia. Luckily, I got through all the english and immigration hurdles, and became a permanent resident in Australia. Once I was done with the english exam and started processing my visa I made another app. This is a simple utility app to scan documents, it’s called Simply Scan. I made this app because I implemented something similar at work, and I became a little interested in scanning and image recognition, but more on that later.

I will get back to work on future updates for VideoFix very soon. If you have tried VideoFix and would like to see new features please let me know, and if you have not tried VideoFix, try it!. Here is a list of what I am planning for the app in the coming months.


  • Bug fixes, the first update will be all about improving the inside workings of the app.
  • More filters, a lot more.
  • Improve touch editing controls
  • Add tutorial videos
  • Improve the design on some parts of the app
  • Changing the speed of the video playback
  • Add pictures to the videos
  • Add better color controls for video editing, including a histogram.

That is all for now. I plan to add more functionality to VideoFix but this seems like a good starting point.

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