What matters (and doesn’t) when getting press for your startup
Gillian Morris

Gillian, first, you are not Captain Obvious anywhere in this post. This post distillates much of what I have been reading and thinking from disparate sources but had not really gathered together. I am a CTO in one startup that is fashion industry focused (with a female founder), have recently CTO’ed a travel startup in Latin America, and have another project in the works, super-stealth at this point, that is tech industry focused and have been planning on launching in the way that you described and had been making my list of outlets such as Product Hunt and Hacker News that are typical places where tech but had no numbers or insight into TechCrunch or the other outlets you documented. And you also confirmed my thoughts around writing on Medium and the long term impact on traffic. Thanks for gathering this together. I will definitely download your app!! And if you want to advise my startup then ping me!