Why We Switched from Python to Go
Nick Parsons

Personally, I have stopped using Python and Ruby, two languages that I have used over the past ten years and liked, but the overall proposition for using them, in the context in which I develop, has really changed. I now usually go full stack Javascript as the context switch to a server side language has significant cognitive overhead. And for me, doing my first big project in Rails was an incredible experience.

I have over 15 years of experience on the JVM in multiple languages and have often used the JVM on the server side for performance reasons. One time I had a competitor use Rails (we knew a couple of their team members) and we were using the JVM and our web results were about 40% faster. I would have probably rewritten in something like Golang to eke out some more performance as the time to render those results was a huge business driver. I’m basically ready to dump the JVM for Golang for all the reasons you have outlined. I don’t relish the thought of learning a new ecosystem as some developers like to do every few years, but the value proposition is there.

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