Everyone knows that setting up a Raspberry Pi to be headless is the worst right? Wrong! You can write just two files on the root of the SD card, to have it connect to your WiFi on boot.

To do this:

  1. Mount the SD card
  2. In the root directory create an empty file called ssh.
  3. In the root directory create a file called wpa_supplicant.conf and have the content be:

No more finding a spare monitor or television with an HDMI input. No more getting a wireless keyboard and mouse just to setup WiFi…

White Paper by Pedro Domingos

In this digest format, I’ll simply be quoting portions of the paper I found interesting. This is mainly a method for me to summarize papers I’ll be reading, both out of interest and out of hopes at getting better at reading white papers. Comments and questions are appreciated at the bottom. All quotes are from the papers.


Bias is a learner’s tendency to consistently learn the same wrong thing. Variance is the tendency to learn random things irrespective of the real signal. Figure 1 illustrates this by an analogy with throwing darts at a board

  • This is an excellent way…

Big O Notation is a concept often brought up in computer science and is an important thing to consider when designing algorithms. It was created as a way to discuss how many steps an algorithm has to take, regardless of how fast of a computer it was being executed on. In other words, its hardware agnostic. A formal definition for this concept is:$$

a mathematical notation that describes the limiting behavior of a function when the argument tends towards a particular value or infinity ¹

If I were to reword the above in my own words, I’d say:

a math…

I recently attended a “Machine Learning 101” workshop hosted by Datalere, a data consulting company in Denver, Colorado. Not only did I have a great time, but I was able to meet a bunch of people also interested in Data Science and Machine Learning.

The workshop’s format and logistics worked out very well. Every participant had their own instance running a Jupyter Notebooks session, with all required dependencies pre installed. There were no hick ups and the provisioned instances allowed us to follow along easily and work through the exercises.

Throughout the day we touched on the following topics:

  • Python…

I was recently sent to Gluecon 2018 in Broomfield Colorado, which was a two day conference.

One of my favorite talks was “What Statistical Process Control Taught Me About DevOps” by Jowanza Joseph. Jowanza works for One Click Retail and found himself updating his company’s infrastructure to be able to handle terabytes of data a day. One day, in the gym, he noticed an individual reading book on the manufacturing process. Jowanza asked to borrow the book and as he was reading through it, he noticed the many parallels that software development could take from the manufacturing industry.

Jowanza went…

In this blog post we’ll walk through how you can easily write a Python script to rename a series of files. This was written from inspiration from the book Automate The Boring Stuff, I have not read it but have heard very good things from it.

Imagine you went on vacation and took many photos. When you got back to finally plugging your camera into your computer, you realized every photo started with sony_, which you didn’t like. …

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