Stop! Read the next 300 words very slowly…

Take a moment to look up from your screen. Where are you right this second? What are some of the sounds and sights all around you that are going by unnoticed? Is there anything interesting in your environment that maybe you didn’t notice at first?

Every day there is a stack of blog posts and articles available for me to read. They are stuffed into my inbox, filling up my social media feeds, and flashing across my phone. For someone like me this is a time of plenty. There are all these things I can read, all these ways I can improve my life and myself. But often I end up drilling down through all those posts and articles as quickly as I can. After all, the more oysters I crack open the more pearls I will find! The same healthy drive I have to make myself better actually ends up making me into a ravenous beast, devouring all the written words before me so fast I have no time to savor any of it or let any of it actually have a moment to resonate inside my heart. I end up tripping over my own motivations.

That is why I invite you to take a moment to chew and swallow. Take a moment to get in touch with what is going on in and around you. Reconnect to this present moment. There is slowness and space right here. And in that space there is the potential for us to remember why we are here in the first place.

I believe the big ideas of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality have the potential to change lives, but only if people can actually understand those ideas. With my writings I hope to master these ideas for myself as well as make them more available for people right in their own lives.

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