AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 8 Comic Con Trailer Break Down

With the premier the 100th episode kicking off Season 8 of The Walking Dead on October 22nd at 9 p.m. It will be interesting to see how they are going to pay homage to everything that has lead up to this point. I want to talk about some of the nostalgia in the trailer.

So I hope you got your shitten pants on because here we go!


Hope You Got Your Shitten Pants On

So the Walking Dead trailer starts off pitch black followed by a frightened Gabriel listening to the sounds of Walkers smacking against the side of the structure that he and Neegan are apparently trapped in. From the minimal glimpse’s and some hints later in the trailer we believe it is the Saviors compound.

But Neegan, who looks much less terrified at this point, is explaining how he better have his shitten pants on because for one reason or another he’s going to shit his pants.

We finally get our first glance at the main cast. Rick, Maggie, Daryl, Michonne and Carol with the rest of their gang gearing up for what looks like an epic battle. Scattered throughout the clips you will also see images of The Kingdom and The Hilltop preparing for battle as well. All hidden on top of a little bit of that nostalgia I spoke about earlier. We see Carl peering into a police cruiser, just as Rick did back in season 1.


Also snuck in their is a shot of our heroes mole inside the Saviors, Dwight reading a note through a bike tire that reads, “Tomorrow”. What is going to happen tomorrow Dwight, give us more than a surprised look on your burnt up face. Well its most likely passed to him by his handler Daryl letting him know that the attack is tomorrow.

Cut to our next clip of the Walking Dead Trailer…

Bam.. More homage to the original season. We see what is a very creepy hallway, presumably in the Saviors compound, with doors on either side of the hall and flickering lights. And I do not know about you but it brings me right back to Season one when Rick wakes up in the abandoned hospital.

Now we get to see what we love about The Walking Dead — Guns, Cross bows and random Walkers chasing a plastic bag stuck in a tree.

Ricks begins his motivating speech that echoes over top of a lot of shots but most importantly we get our first hints on what the plan of attack is going to be.

The Plan

Hidden explosives, hoards of Walkers being gathered by Daryl and cars with metal plating being driven around. So we are guessing that plan is going to include trapping the Saviors with the hoard that has been gathered after they use these cars as a mobile cattle shoot to guide them as a deadly undead weapon.

Oh and also a sweet clip of Darryl on his motorcycle shooting guns while riding away from an explosion. He’s a badass if you didn’t know that yet.

Quick thought, where is Eugene? hmmm I guess we will have to wait to see where he is hiding during all of this.

A sudden jump to Jerry thanking King Ezekiel, for what you ask? In Jerry’s words, “for being such a cool dude”. Well Jerry thanks for such a cool moment! It does seems like someone in the world of The Walking Dead’s famous last words.

Dropkick Murphy’s and The Walking Dead?

Now the trailer changes pace and the Prisoners by the DropKick Murphys kicks in and the beat picks up. Side note, you might find it weird they choose this song but if you read the lyrics it is very fitting for what is going on in the show right now.

“Looking on a past where we still had a chance
We were pawns in a game that we could not win
Now we’re alone just a pick an’ stone
We’re dreaming of a future where our ship comes in
Dreaming of a future where our ship comes in”

But Ricks speech has ended and they transition to Maggie speaking. She is getting her troops pumped up with her speech as we cruise through snippets of the battle beginning. But if you look close you do start to notice something. All of the groups are wearing a band on there upper arms signifying where they come from and are not members of the enemy forces.

White for Alexandria — Red for The Kingdom — Green For The Hill Top

Also why is Morgan trying to fight Jesus in the forest? Is he going off the deep end after Benjamin was killed? Well we have our own theories of why but we would love to hear what your thoughts are about this?

Jump to the weirdest group of people in season 7, the trash people in the Walking Dead aka the Scavengers. You are not the only ones who want to forget this group, specially after Rick had to face off against there terrifying spiked head walker. We see this group with there leader Jadis and her amazing hair cut dead center.

What are they meeting about this time?

From what we know about the Scavengers and there allegiance is easily bought so lets hope they do not lose their way, this time.

Back to some bad ass moments in the Walking Dead Trailer. Darryl on his motorcycle blowing shit up again!! Shiva, well being Shiva the badass tiger and game changer. Jerry putting an axe through a walkers head and BOOMMMMM more explosions.


BUT no we want more…. alright heres some more….

Old Man Rick

What I would consider the most misleading and confusing portion of this trailer when originally watched. We are brought to what seems like a very soothing scene, which is a little off the beat and path compared with the rest of the trailer.

Start off with a cane leaning against a wall in a what could be considered a very tidy home. Then some flowers in front of the silhouette of a man we can make out to be an old man version of Rick Grimes, eyes closed laying in a coffin!!! Wait what…. I almost had a panic attack at this point. But as I was jumping to conclusions they quickly cut to Rick waking up, still much older but alive laying in a bed. With a huge beard and fresh hair cut.

More nostalgia creeps out of the trailer. Seeing that we opened up this entire series to Rick waking up in a hospital bed.

There have been speculations and fan theories explaining how this depicts Ricks death and him looking back on his life. Another theory is that he is waking up in that same hospital bed after being in a coma for years and the entire show was all a dream.

Sorry Total Recall fans but the old “it was all a dream’ twist is not how this show ends. As we see in the comics our favorite walker killer Rick ends up walking with a cane and a much longer beard after the “All Out War” event that the show is now entering into. Prediction; this is an uncommon flash forwards showing what is to come next for Rick and the gang.

Well, this is where we sit so far, with plenty of mysteries and theories to ponder about for 10 more days.

Don’t forget to checkout the trailer for yourself on or some of our other Walking Dead Posts.

So the count down to October 22nd is real. We will update you as soon new information is released and of course do episode breakdowns.

As always have a KILLER DAY!!