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I agree a Ghost Rider stand alone TV show would be amazing. He is such a main stream character from the comics that is loved by so many.

But I think the newer Movie goer generation has somewhat of a bad taste in there mouth from the Movies that were botched with Nicholas Cage. Nothing again Cage but his Ghost Rider was not what I and many others were looking for in a Johnny Blaze.

And they barely scratched surface of all of his epic powers that I know people are just waiting to see on screen.

Love the example you use with Thor Ragnarok, on how people do not know what they want till they see it.

Because as a die hard fan of the comics I am thoroughly pumped for anything Planet Hulk and Hulk in his freaking sweet gladiator armour. But most people didn’t know anything about it till the first Ragnarok trailer and now they can’t wait.

Great post.