GJP 2018 Goals

  1. Develop a business that allows me to go SHOT show 2019

ShotSHOW stopper: I don’t have a business and/or a FFL that would qualify me to attend SHOT show.

ShotShow whopper: Complete FFL (already purchased a course to guide me)and develop a business that puts a fire in my belly for my favorite hobby. Ideas I like would be a recreational shooters blog/store that is down to earth and enjoyable for the beginner but engaging for experts.

WHY: I seem to try different venues or fields but always come back to my hobby of shooting sports. I feel like it is time to embrace it and see where it takes me. Wormhole or rabbit hole is the question of the day.

2. Guilt-free/shame free living (health)

Shame/guilt free stopper: Let’s call it Guil-ame free. Even when I am trying to be healthy, I still feel inadequate in my attempts. There is guilt in trying supplements, or spending the time working out, or not seeing results fast enough.

Guil-ame free whopper: I need to have flexible mindset in what I feel is healthy compared to what I feel others feel is healthy. I also want to be flexible with how I accomplish healthy living instead of an all or nothing approach.

WHY: I really feel that healthy living is a catalyst for being successful in other areas of my life. I constantly have guil-ame because I know it is the one thing in my life I have full total responsibility/ changeability and I am completely beneath my full potential. Not only will Accomplishing this goal will allow for the chain-reaction to begin, but it will allow exponential growth.

3. Debt elimination

Debt Elimination stopper: Debt constipates my dreams. I keep thinking that I can get out of debt without changing. It’s not working. Changing spending habits, budgeting, and increasing income is a struggle because it requires effort I have not committed to completion.

Debt Elimination Whopper: Taking the time to do atleast weekly budgeting with daily accountability and weekly family council meetings. Monthly budgeting seems to be too long in-between accountability sessions. Following through with income boosters.

WHY: It is simply a necessity in order achieve the freedom to reach full potential. Debt is a burden that keeps me from trying and doing other growth maximizing opportunities.

4. Be the person I know I can be (relationships)

Stopper: Right now I allow the situation to dictate my involvement (avoidance/passivity)instead of actively directing or being deliberate in my relational efforts in all efforts of my life.

Whopper: Eliminating excuses and the blame game.

WHY: Realtionships are my highest priority. They bring me the most joy and fill my life’s purpose.

5. Develop self in a consistent manner

Stopper: I have an unpredictable work schedule that I use a crutch for poor time management/ morning routines.

Whopper: Do it any way. Even if I have leave for work at 5:30, have a morning routine that is consistent.

WHY: There are so many areas of my life I want to develop but the main reason is that I my individual stagnation is leading to atrophy of my potential.

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