Wilder’s Corner Stopped the Fight at the Right Time

Gregory A ☕️
Feb 24 · 3 min read

He didn’t show he had enough left to remain competitive, never mind beat Fury.

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Deontay Wilder is now the former heavyweight champion of the world. In one of the most anticipated rematches of all time, he suffered a brutal defeat to Tyson Fury. Wilder never had the chance to land his signature right hand to knock out Fury. He lost every round on the scorecards and got knocked down twice before the fight was stopped in the 7th round.

Wilder wasn’t pleased his corner threw in the towel. He’s a warrior and wanted to fight until the bitter end. He’s got champion’s mentality and thought he had enough to make an improbable comeback. It’s hard to argue against him in most cases because of his one-punch knockout power, but it wasn’t going to be his night.

He has a champion’s mentality and thought he had enough to make an improbable comeback.

It would have been impossible for Wilder to come up with a miracle win. He was bleeding from his ear, taking hard body shots, and coughing up blood. He endured such a beating from Fury that he wouldn’t have the power to land a knockout punch. He’s not the most skilled boxer in the traditional sense, so he couldn’t outbox Fury either.

Wilder’s corner made the right call to stop the fight. In 2019, there were two deaths in July and one in October. If those fights got stopped, maybe those tragedies wouldn’t have happened. Boxers have a never quit mentality no matter how bad the fight is going. No fighter wants to show that kind of weakness and endure the same that accompanies it. Roberto Duran is famous for the “no mas” fight in a rematch against Sugar Ray Leonard. Wilder wouldn’t want that tainting his legacy.

He endured such a beating from Fury that he wouldn’t have the power to land a knockout punch.

The last thing they wanted Wilder to do is to suffer excessive and meaningless punishment that would harm his future inside and outside the ring. It’s an inherently dangerous sport, but the fighter’s health and safety are the top priority. He hasn’t suffered much damage throughout his career, but last night wasn’t the time to start. It only takes one punch to end your career and alter the rest of your life.

They wanted Wilder to survive and fight another day which was the right call. This may not have been the last time we see them in the ring together. Wilder can request a rematch if he does within a month from Saturday. It may not be as big as Wilder-Fury II due to how lopsided the fight was, but it still will be a major fight with worldwide interest.

Every fighter can have a bad night. It happened to Anthony Joshua when he fought Andy Ruiz the first time. He got redemption in their rematch last December. The same thing could happen for Wilder if he gets another shot at Fury. He should thank his corner for giving him the choice for a second chance.

Gregory A ☕️

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