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There’s enough time for you to help prevent another binary choice in 2024

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Americans don’t agree on much, except that we need to change how we choose our leaders. Democrats and Republicans fighting back and forth have done nothing to strengthen America. They don’t face the big problems we have and choose to fight over petty issues to please their bases.

We’re stuck with a binary choice in 2020. Deal with it. However, there’s an opportunity to change it in 2024 and the effort to succeed must start now. …

The New York Post story about Hunter Biden would have been dismissed as another vast right-wing conspiracy by the mainstream media

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Facebook and Twitter’s strategy of censoring the New York Post story about Biden family corruption backfired bigly. They forgot basic human psychology which says the more you tell someone not to look at or not to do something, it increases the probability people will do exactly what you don’t want.

Tech companies do the Left’s dirty work by fact-checking everything that could be questionable from conservatives but give the Left a free pass. You won’t find stories that were anonymously sourced about the Russia collusion investigation or anything else unfavorable to President Trump flagged by our big tech betters. …

Our “betters” at Facebook and Twitter look eerily similar to Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information

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President Woodrow Wilson never could have envisioned social media or it’s immense power back in the early 20th century. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg of Twitter and Facebook would have been role models for him on how to control the flow of information to the public. They may have even used Wilson as a reference point for their actions this week.

These platforms made a unilateral decision that a New York Post story needed to be suppressed because they deemed it necessary to “fact check.” It portrayed Joe and Hunter Biden as the epitome of Washington corruption with their dealings in Ukraine. …

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