Did you ever suppose that someone could buy a gun in the black market?
Ronald Geiken

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have considered that people can buy weapons on the black market. The data suggests that when weapons are restricted, the criminals rarely seek out a black market, and simply resort to other methods of committing the crime, such as knives or assault, or avoid the crime altogether. In other words, the data suggests that restricting access stops fatal crimes (the data also tells us that guns are 7 times more lethal than knives in murder attempts). In other words, I have considered this point, but the data shows it is not a significant issue, but restricting access does significantly improve survival from domestic abuse.

Keep in mind the data also suggest the possession of guns increases suicide rates dramatically, because suicide attempts with guns are drastically more fatal than other methods. Survivors of domestic abuse suffer from higher rates of suicidal tendencies, and the author bravely revealed her own failed attempt on her life. With a gun, she would have almost surely succeeded.

Finally, and here I step away from the data, what you are suggesting is that she should be comfortable with pointing a weapon at another human and pulling the trigger. Have you ever tried pointing a weapon at another person? It is ingrained in humans to avoid killing humans. The military uses dehumanization to make it easier (uniforms make people look more like machines and less like individuals). In a sense, you expect an abused person to adopt some of the characteristics of the abuser. But abusers spend a significant amount of time breaking down the defenses of the abused. By the time the abuse is happening in a life-threatening way, outside help is the only answer that I know of that is successful. Again, this is my opinion based on reading accounts the one we are commenting on, not on data.

But guns clearly are not suggested as a solution to domestic violence by any studies, and instead are a clear problem.

There are situations where guns have been crucial in stopping active shooters. In every documented case I have seen, the hero was someone who trained daily in the proper use of the weapon and also the psychological training to use it when adrenaline kicks in.

Most likely, our friend Alan would have found a gun owned by the author and simply used it on her, is that not obvious?