Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits
Jack Conte


YES Jack Conte! I can’t thank you enough — on behalf of every struggling artist in the “creative class” — for being so honest and transparent about all this. As a hard-working indie musician myself (with over a decade of experience in this field now), I know this all too well. I do what I can to help educate, but I can only do so much at my “level,” so I applaud you for your your efforts to enlighten the masses on all this. I hope to see MANY more artists who are in more “prominent” positions (shall we say) in the industry be FAR more transparent about their own realities as well. It’s the only way people are going to learn how important it is now that they support the art and music that we all hold so dear. I am SO grateful for those that have and currently support my music in this way, and I am proud to represent the “creative class” of today’s artists and entrepreneurs who are “making it” one day at a time! #church