My Beef with Utopian Supporters of a Universal Basic Income
Dean Pomerleau

I totally agree with the conclusion. UBI is the best solution crafted thus far for an automation future, but not now. Let me spell out why. In the future when automation is close to perfected you’ll see the supplies of goods get out of hand. The supply will be so cheap to produce that prices will do something that it hasn’t done since the conception of a market came about. They will drop uniformly all around. A UBI will be needed because people will be spending their budget from doing what ever it is they do for work on paying for rent and such. Only select people will own houses outright. Most people will rent and will barely afford it. This will mean that UBI would be for the ability to consume and make the economy work. Consumption is how you have a true economy. While extra money will prove hazardous now. It will be the only way to make the economy function in the future.

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