Is Smartphone a Disaster for Family Relationships?

I always read about medium as about a platform with articles about creativity and productivity.

I drive a blog called UseItSmart, where I describe smart ways to use different services, apps , and gadgets based on my own experience.

So, is smartphone a disaster for family relationship?

When I see smartphone and family in one sentence, usually the point is — smartphones destroy our relationships. Did I write “usually”. “Always” would be better word.

When word “children” is located somewhere nearby — it becomes even worse. And verdict is — better keep children and smartphones separated.

In many cases I do agree with this point of view. But still, can you use smartphones together with your children in a good way? In a good way for you, for you kid, for your relationships?
Yes, you can!

I’ve learned one of such way personally. And I was surprised with this experience. I with my son used SkyMap app (available for Android here) to explore the stars and planets. I described this a more detailed in the post on my blog I called “Explore the Universe With Your Family With a Smartphone

When I write “explore” here I mean real life experience — open the door, go outside, look at the sky, guess what do you see there, ask questions and search answers.
And do all this together!

Compare this with what you see to check if Mars is really a read planet

And SkyMap app was an enable for all this!

This is my example of positive smartphone usage together with your children.
Do you have yours?