Pre main net launch blog, March 2021

To prepare for main net, this blog is a guide for our community about what is being built and what changes from the whitepaper have occurred.


When a small group of humans, passionate about Regenerative Agriculture and ecological integrity set forth in early 2017 to create a planetary health accounting system to transform our global economy from extractive and degenerative, to regenerative, we were as naive as we were ambitious and passionate. In the 4 years since, we have learned, grown, and built. We have survived and thrived through a crypto bear market, political turmoil, and a global pandemic. Above all, we have remained dedicated to our lofty aim of nothing short of planetary regeneration. …

The Cosmos SDK had an overhaul to enter the IBC world. This is the story of the architecture and engineering approach to this overhaul.

The Stargate release is live, and we are close to seeing this code live on the Cosmos Hub. The -once- vision of an internet of blockchains is now a reality. Using Stargate, different sovereign blockchains are already transacting with one another in a multi-chain testnet.

As you may be aware, Regen Network took responsibility for maintaining the Cosmos SDK and stewarded the non-IBC parts of the Stargate release. Regen Network was responsible for leading the SDK architecture for the migration to Protobuf, and worked closely with the larger community to engineer the Stargate release. …


Welcome to Regen Network’s final incentivized testnet. Out goal is to test the worlds first public ecological ledger and blockchain marketplace for ecosystem services, to grow community, to have fun, to learn, and to grow our capacity as a community to boot strap a decentralized network into existence together. Our community is a mix of blockchain OG validators who are among the most prominent validators in any proof of stake ecosystem, as well as new validators, farmers and other community members. Remember we are all in this together. …

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Why Regen Network chose to build a domain-specific public blockchain and what that means

Regen Network is an interdisciplinary team stretching from cutting-edge earth observation science and ecological economics to layer one blockchain technology. We bring this together in our mission to build the world’s first P2P network for ecological data claims and verification in support of ecosystem service payments and credits.

In order to transform the global economy by valuing ecological health, Regen Network is launching Regen Ledger, a domain-specific proof-of-stake blockchain. Regen Network is a unified stack stretching from the “layer one” blockchain system to end-users such as land stewards, climate scientists, and offset market participants. …

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Putting together incentivized test nets is complex, fun and ultimately essential for building a community around a public and open source blockchain protocol project. In order to continue serving our community we try to be responsive and transparent with every aspect of this process. This blog is a quick overview of the points to tokens conversion process, with a link to a leaderboard maintained by our partners and friends at Vitwit, who are part of the lead validator group that brings the testnets to life.

Regen Network has run two incentivized testnets, and one community testnet with a few christimas…

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The COSMWASM Kontraŭa Testnet will be the first large public validator test of the COSMWASM module running on the Cosmos SDK. This is a ground breaking proof of stake implementation of a web assembly based smart contracting platform. In this testnet we will be executing smart contracts, and getting ready as a validator pool to participate in Game of Zones, to be able to execute cross chain contracts and transactions.

The focus of this testnet will continue to be testing and upgrading the capacity and capability of validators to manage the upgrades, governance and maintenance of the cosmos SDK based…

“It’s been a journey” Photo by Bailey Zindel on Unsplash

Journey of Algradigon-1 testnet
A total of 4 network upgrades were done between 23rd Jan to 7th Feb, all which were successful. The fastest upgrade taking just 91s for the chain to be back up and running. The longest upgrade being 26 minutes of downtime before the network upgraded to a new version. The chain halted for a total of only 58 mins during two weeks despite the 4 upgrades upgrades in such a short time, including an emergency upgrade to revert back simulated malicious code.

Shoutout to one of the validators Blockscope, who successfully identified the simulated malicious code…

Regen’s Testnet roadmap

This blog contains an overview of past testnets (run in 2019 and 2020) and our final testnet being run in Feb of 2021

In the coming months we will be running three successive incentivized testnets to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Grow the capacity of our validator pool to perform upgrades, participate in governance, and successfully run and troubleshoot the Regen Ledger blockchain, which is based on the CosmosSDK.
  2. Battle test Regen Ledger, Regen Network’s public Proof-of-Stake blockchain. This means we will be running load testing, testing key functionality like roll-backs and rapid upgrades, testing application-specific functions like token issuance, exchange…

The upgrade epic testnet for Regen Network.

For details scroll down to “Details”

The main goal of this testnet is to practice upgrades, a roll back, and get the year off flexing our coordination muscles. Points will be won by those who participate in all the upgrades and have maximum uptime.

Primary functionality being tested is the network upgrade module developed by Regen Network Development, Inc. for the Cosmos SDK.

We aim in this and all Regen Network testnets to engage and grow the community of Regen Network validators, developers and delegators through active participation in building an open, public protocol dedicated to a data and settlement…

We are proud and excited to announce the results of the Regen 1001 Incentivized Testnet (and we promise to make a better name next time!)

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Focus of Regen Test 1001

The primary focus of Regen Test 1001 was to test a coordinated upgrade module. This module was completed, and merged into the Cosmos SDK and Gaia 2.0.3 version being used for the next cosmos Hub Upgrade.

This gave the Regen Network community the opportunity to achieve three main goals:

  1. Test the coordinated upgrade module and address any issues raised by the cosmos hub and cosmos SDK community about the functionality of this SDK module.
  2. Test Regen Ledger functions built for our application-specific goals of a censorship resistant ecological ledger and contracting platform.
  3. Coordinate with our validator pool around the governance…

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Gregory Landua dwells humbly at the intersection of ecology, economics and technology.

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