You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

“You did nothing to earn those rights. You were born into those rights. You did nothing, but you reap the benefits of women, strong women, women who fought misogyny and pushed through patriarchy and fought for you.”
It’s almost as if the problem is solved then there would be no need to fight said problem anymore, as such a problem no longer exists. (???)

“You still make less than a man for doing the same work.”

“You make less as a CEO, as an athlete, as an actress, as a doctor.”
Learn how free market works. People want to watch the NBA more than the WNBA. Therefore, the NBA teams can raise prices on their tickets while WNBA will probably keep their tickets lower prices to try to attract more people to watch. This accurately reflects in their earnings and why Kobe Bryant made more than Lisa Leslie, even though they were both legends of their respective leagues and played in the same city. It’s called economics 101, supply and demand.

“You make less in government, in the tech industry, in healthcare.”
So wait, does Elizabeth Warren make less than Bernie Sanders in government? Like, in terms of salary, not what they do outside of the Senate for example. Also the other ones are also wrong still.

“You still don’t have full rights over your own body. Men are still debating over your uterus. Over your prenatal care. Over your choices.”
Except you also don’t get to decide the rights to another person’s life just because that life depends on you.

“You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs.”
So do men.

“You still have to prove to the court why you were drunk on the night you were raped.”
And men can’t ever possibly get raped right? ecks dee

“You are still objectified.”
So are men.

“You are still being abused by your husband, by your boyfriend.”
So are men by their wives and girlfriends. And men get treated even worse when they even try to talk about those issues.

“Estonia allows parents to take up to three years of leave, fully paid for the first 435 days. United States has no policy requiring maternity leave.”
Then go live there if you want it that badly.

“The United States ranks at 45 for women’s equality. Behind Rwanda, Cuba, Philippines, Jamaica.”
Once again, then go live there. I’m sure you’d love to live in Rwanda or Cuba. ecks dee

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