Karma Refuel Grandfather Program FAQ

So your failure to design a business plan that would foresee these situations, imposes on me a fine for your lack of foresight?

Some big law firm will no doubt see this an an opportunity for a class-action lawsuit.

I am one of those people who uses my KARMA very infrequently, I have it primarily for emergencies. BUT I use it. I didn’t want to have a monthly charge, and of course you hooked me with the your data will never expire and no monthly charges.

I understand you are in a catch 22 situation. However, the fact that a lot of us do not understand the advantages or disadvantages of these new plans indicates you have not done a very good job of explaining these programs.

It would be nice to have one of those comparison charts, showing the features and benefits of each program. I understand that the drift plan you do not lose your unused credits either, so what’s the difference?

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