Slow Burner

I’ve noticed something in my Medium stats, about a piece I wrote nearly a year ago — It’s OK To Be A Racist.

At first, it sank without a trace. Then, it started picking up views, and now, almost a year on, it still gets viewed everyday.

Where do these views come from? The stats say:

So, is my piece maturing like a fine wine? Was it ahead of its time? Is it slowly getting the recognition it deserves?

Or is it because, if you ask Google ‘is it ok to be racist’, it’s one of the first results?

A real head-scratcher.

Whatever the reason, I’m sure most of the closet bigots, timid xenophobes and tentative fanatics who turn to this piece for guidance will, once faced with such choice satire, realise the error of their ways (you’re welcome).

As for the inevitable few who might take it literally before graduating to the Daily Stormer, Stormfront and other meteorological publications… well, you win some, you lose some (I take no responsibility).

Either way, there’s clearly a lesson here, probably to do with the decline of society and/or the danger of clickbait titles.