Well, the good news: a Confluence page exists to inform CIA software engineers not to put binary files in their git repos. The bad news? They put binary files in their git repos! OMG. Images? Yuck. Word documents? Wat. PDFs? Please, no! SDKs. You’re kidding.

2. The CIA uses Confluence to store code!

“You should put source files in Stash!” says embarrassed [User #524297]. Correct! You shouldn’t be storing code inside a documentation tool, folks. Let’s put this stuff in version control where we can code review our work!

3. The CIA doesn’t code review!

How many datas and idxs does it take to make a url. So much sad panda here:

data =…

“I took 3 months off from my job last year because my employer has an unlimited vacation plan!” — No One

There are so many health benefits to taking vacations or staycations it’s a wonder why Americans still don’t take as many as other parts of the world. We all have our reasons for not doing so. Financial situations certainly inhibit it. Hourly workers usually don’t get paid for vacation days. Kids in school make scheduling a challenge. We only get so many vacation days a year. Wait a second. You, CEO-person, can fix that. Institute an unlimited vacation policy!

In 2015, everyone should code. That’s a little ambitious. OK. In 2025, I hope that the majority of the world has the chance to program computers. Code is the foundation for startups, tech companies, and the tools that everyone uses on a daily basis. It’s important we all know how it works. Although we are years away from a world in which the majority of the population programs, I think everyone at your startup needs to know about code today.


Your Startup Only Lives Once

You’ve been hired by super-cool-stealthy-funded startup Format Corporation to lead all of their marketing efforts…

Let’s take our time back.

The phrase meeting-free culture is frequently spoken in the same sentence as other empty, feckless phrases like its brother work-life balance, its sister flexible work arrangement, and its estranged creepy uncle synergistically aligned. These words are meaningful only after evidence surfaces as to the way a company operates, not how it wants to operate. A company can’t be meeting-free unless it doesn’t have meetings. And, creating a meeting-free culture is easy! Simply,

Decline all the meetings!

Cool! Finished!

Alas, we can’t.

If your job is to manage others or to convince people to sign contracts, you must take meetings. If…

Technologists need to teach non-technologists


It’s Just A Tool

“What’s JSBin.com?” my colleague asked me.

“It’s a website front end engineers use to quickly prototype code. There are a few websites like it.”

“And corporate IT blocked it?”

“I submitted a request to open access to the site but it was denied.”

“Why do you need it?”

“It’s kind of standard process to have tools like this.”

“Can you use something else instead?”

Did I need it?

Could I use something else? I thought about these questions for a while. The problem was that it wasn’t just JS Bin. JS Bin was just the example. …

Let’s reevaluate how we interview software engineering candidates

The Interview

There’s a whiteboard in your future.

You’re nervous. You’ve wanted a new opportunity for some time and you’ve convinced a company to interview you. You’re putting too much pressure on yourself because you don’t want to ruin it. You’re capable. You’ve been programming computers for a while now. You like talking about this stuff. You like thinking about this stuff. You like meeting people who know more than you do about this stuff. But, you’re still worried.


You’re worried because you have a short period of time in which you can communicate your competence and passion to a complete stranger. You don’t know what questions…

Gregory Mazurek

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