Meteor.js Competencies
Shavonnah Tièra

Hi Shavonnah,

For now I am working at a government bank called BRDE here in Brazil.

I´ve always dreamed in have my own startup and I had good ideas of business but when I pitched this ideas to my developers friends they sad “I don’t have time now” or “It will take 6 months and R$40.000,00 to build your prototype”.

Another problem is that the startup environment here in Brazil is unfriendly. There is too much government regulations and taxes and there is almost none seed capital. Just to have an idea it takes a year to officially open a business.

So I realize that I need learn how to code in order to build my business. I tried RoR and C# but the learning curve of this frameworks was too high.

In September 2015 I was talking to a friend. He told me that there was a new framework that was great to build MVPs quickly. This framework was Meteor. Since then I am learning about Meteor (I bougth the Discover Meteor e-book and I took a series of courses in Coursera in Meteor programing) and I enjoy it! I am having a totally different experience that I had with RoR and C#.

Answering your question, well as a SysAdmin I already had a good understanding about SQL Database Schema and the courses that took gave me the understanding about Objects, Classes, Methods and of course the MongoDB structure which actually for me seem easier than SQL.