Gergo has bad mood nowadays. Once (that I know) a boy in the kindergarten pushed him and now he afraid of him. From that day he always cry if I take him to the kindergarten or if he not than he don’t speak at all just walking into the room with sad expression on his face. And every evening he asks that: “Have I go to the kindergarten tomorrow?”

In last summer he was in summer school. I don’t no why but he hated it. The teachers was nice and the building was not too bad, and nobody hurted him, but he didn’t want to go there at all. I was relieved when he don’t hated the new kindergarten when we started to go in the beginning of autumn. He likes Jenny, the Scottish teacher and the backyard where there is a small house (he likes the small houses so much) and lemon trees. So I was sad since the boy pushed him.

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