Very perceptive.
Mateo D

But, but… we do! Have enough jobs, now, that is.

Apparently the agricultural industry is already feeling the pinch from the impact of new immigration policy. They’re already having to cancel plantings and even harvestings because they simply aren’t seeing any seasonal workers show up.

Their employees are either already caught up, staying across the border or simply afraid to show up for work, at an obvious place to be caught. So it seems that part of Trumpian foreign policy is working just fine.

Ok, so. Hey all you not-yet-busy Trump fanatics, why not go plow a field, huh? Use your hands and backs to pick crops; so different from coal mine work?

How about a simpler indoor career, no stooping involved? Go pack meat! (No not the kind you find sitting on your couch watching “The Flock’s Network”, or the kind mutually exercised by attending Trump rallies.)

Please don’t tell us you’re not interested in these jobs, and then not tell us why; the truth.

“Not gonna do any work associated with the folks we want kicked out, stupid! Get us some white jobs!” might be acceptably candid, but you go on and pick your own version.

But you had better be aware! A whole new industry is exploding right now, designing automated systems to replace all farm workers; planters, weeders, pickers, sorters, every kind. It’s sheer survival for the farmers, who take their livelihoods and family legacies very seriously. The have until next year to have the problem solved, and solve it they will.

Next year when you’re still on the couch playing whack-a-doodle & blaming Hillary and them Laberals for your plight, even those jobs whose occupants you abhor will no longer and never again be available for y’all to turn down.

By that time they’ll have gotten a handle on the opiate crisis, so I guess to ignore the situation some more, y’all just gonna have to stay drunk all day…

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