To your point, pictures speak louder than words, and these are very disturbing.
Karyn Cole

Can you even believe, that many people (especially in Alabama government) claim to have trouble understanding what would be the exceptional aspect about those images?

How to get them to just quit denying? Do they not know how doing so makes them appear “guilty by acceptance”? Have they no concern with being seen (by the whole Internet world) as accepting of child molestation? Is child molestation really that negotiable among their neighbors as well? Or is it just them?

Do none of them have daughters?

Or are they truly not lying, so they’re really that stupid?

It’s always their opportunity to clarify this, but so far none of my challenges to any of them have gained explanations. Under such an accusation, my response might be angry, but it sure as heck would also be pretty specific!

Oh, and that line about “needing a GOP seat in the Senate”? All saying that does, is answer the question of whether you would pause for a moment while exiting a burning house, long enough to pick up your sleeping daughter…

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