What Have We (Really) Learned From Trump?
umair haque

Exactly, in very fine detail.

We Americans all got the leadership that after a long time, we finally came to truly deserve.

Some of us deserved it because we’d become generation by generation so lacking in situational awareness that a TV character automatically drew a greater share of our attention than any actual person could. The more Trump acted like a fictional character, to many people the more familiar and comforting he appeared.

Some of us saw that about him, rejected it, and simply assumed that the more “genuine” political players would always win out, like they had before more often than not. We didn’t think anything exceptional really needed to be done; enough rational people would of course show up to vote for any other reasonable choice; nothing further needed to be done.

Some of us played the “hide and seek” game, harboring our real intentions while being “positively noncommittal” up until our fingers touched the ballot-box keys or buttons.

Some of us lazily thought we would still have every right to complain, to violently protest even, after having sat out the entire voting process. Other people with more commitment to anything in general would of course make sure that our world wouldn’t become so constrained that we’d have to make any changes to our current lifestyles.

I can’t say that any of us got what we wanted, because so many of our actions belied the premise that we were ever expressing a strong sense of “want”. ”Want”, but never enough to fully participate in assuring a positive future? Not nearly enough, “want”.

So what we got is the result of our actions to make sure that at least a worst-case scenario had the least chance to happen, of all possible choices. Anyone wondering why Trump has never “happened” to such large extent, before? Remember why he did, now. TELL YOUR CHILDREN.

It for sure didn’t come about because “nobody saw it coming”. Nope, no way. For all the types of “effort” way too many displayed, we simply got exactly, precisely, inevitably, what “we”; the whole country as a society, deserved.