I Just Passed 10,000 Medium Followers; Here’s 5 Lessons I Learned Here
Tom Kuegler

For years people had been telling me I should start “Writing”; as in seriously writing for publication. Folks told me that even the milder versions of my life’s events were of continued interest to them, even though they had been audience to many of them when they had taken place.

I still can’t see myself sitting down and doing nothing but “Writing”, as in some major tome on one particular topic. I’m glad I found this place, where I can simply imagine a minor topic and issue my own personal take on what makes it interesting, to me.

I don’t know yet if anyone would say I’ve adopted any recognizable “style”, and I realize that I often blindly break grammatical rules left & right; sometimes on accident, but sometimes with purpose. I do enjoy coining my own new terms & phrases, not minding them being passed on into general use.

I do also sometimes reveal a slightly cynical sense of humor, but that’s all it is. (I’ve been told that I must be in small part Ukrainian, with that facet.)

Some folks have expressed their appreciation for how & what I’ve contributed, and I thank them all gratefully! Perhaps I might grow into something more focused, but for now I’m having fun, which is the best motivation anyone could desire.

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