How Much Denial And Unreality Is Required To Make Reality Possible To Tolerate?
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Hope this analogy isn’t too far off:

Trump is not a house cat who has for years had the run of the neighborhood and so knows the limitations of what a mere house cat can and can’t do. What it’s allowed to do by superior humans, and the limits of it’s behavior among the other cats and dogs in the open world.

Trump on the other hand, is the tiger that has lived it’s entire life behind the walls and cages of the New York Zoo. Master of his own small environment, instilling fear and respect among his very few peers, and even the humans who maintain his lifestyle every day. He’s been handed raw meat on a regular schedule. What he knows of the world is what he’s seen from inside his enclosure; he has no other reference of what is true outside or what is not. As far as his position in the world, he can only recall that he’s been treated as the most important animal, in his world.

How would you expect this tiger’s behavior to differ from the house-cat's should the tiger find himself suddenly loose out in the “real world” he knows nothing about? How would his beliefs impact his behavior out here?

Well, that’s what we’ve got, isn’t it? He is operating on a certain particular sphere of “reality”, just not the one all of us “house-cats” have learned to accept. We’ve never stayed in a cage, he’s always been the “King of the Cage”. No wonder we don’t understand him, even though technically we’re all “felines”….

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