Thanks to Donald Trump Jr., I’m No Longer a Trump-Russia Skeptic
Nicholas Grossman

I ascribe to the “Useful Idiot” strategy as explanation for the Russian interactions with the Trump team. Where and when else could they ever wished to have found an entire family and campaign team with the same qualifications for that approach? An opportunists dream, but a one-time window of opportunity.

When done well with the right targets, the “marks” don’t even have to be fully aware that their actions are serving another’s agenda, even if in an indirect “shotgun” like manner. Putin’s primary goal was to sew chaos in our election system, and chaos can come in many forms and degrees.

Here he found the group promising to provide the biggest “bang” for the least effort; already motivated to tear things down all on their own, and not in the least capable of controlling their own efforts should they even have success.

So bumbling and feckless that they most likely wouldn’t even know which impacts arose from their efforts or those of others, and to boot, always more than willing to take all of the “credit” for any measure that seemed to give them even the most insignificant and temporary advantage.

How on earth could any self-respecting geo-political mastermind resist?

Worst-ever-case scenario, all of them get the blame and indictments, while over in Russia, well, they’re over in Russia, what can we do?

Just plain beautiful…

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