Hey gregory rush.
Harper Thorpe

I can hardly believe how easy it is these days to find incredibly relevant lyrics among past songs. Even entire songs that sound like they’ve just been written to respond to today’s “Breaking News”.

Really, it’s not like I go on hours-long pilgrimages trying to find topical gems, they’re just out there, by the hundreds (or more) now, stacked up in the big old historic warehouse of Rock & Roll.

Am I mistaken, or has R & R been around now, even longer than the “golden era” of classical instrumental music? If that’s true, then it’s notable for sure.

I also hope to inspire a new generation of topical protest song writers.

I don’t understand why that genre has not yet had the revival it so deserves and the nation so much needs right now. “IMHO” If people are to question what is lacking in our society these days, that’s a very good clue that deserves further exploration.

I mean, if a gifted songwriter isn’t angry enough yet to bang out a Dylan-worthy judgement or a Young-inspired anti-violence shaming, then their gift is remaining unproductive when their audience needs it most