President Trump Is Hard At Work Trying To Turn America Into A Western Version Of Vladimir Putin’s…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

I see in Trump an analogy to previous despots such as Pol Pot, and more modern types such as the Taliban leadership;

He knows in his heart he can’t manage a socially and technically diverse society. His limited experience of the world, and in negotiating with parties who can say “No”, seriously reduces the scope of control he can mentally manage. The easiest method to mitigate this issue is not to educate himself , broaden his management horizons and develop a more productive sense of values and morals.

No, the easy solution is to quickly and radically break down the complexity inherent in what exists, and reduce the necessary scope of control down to a more comfortable much less complex endeavor.

Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot all took the most radical measures to expedite this “dumbing-down” of their societies to their own low “Peter Principle” management level. “First, we kill all the teachers!”. Then the politicians, then the scientists, the engineers, the business leaders, etc., until what’s left are people who can’t/won’t publicly contest the pogroms and reorganizations necessary to fall back to a mainly agrarian society; the most complex type that their “Dear Leaders” feel confident they can handle.

You need look no further than the modern Taliban and ISIS regimes to find other more obvious examples at work. Even Assad is not crying over the loss of 500,000 dead and millions more of his people fleeing his country. “Fewer people, fewer problems; the ones left are the ones who won’t dare complain, ever again!”

Trump is only more sophisticated in the media and bureaucratic resources he has at his disposal to achieve his preferred goal. I suspect the underlying moral framework is remarkably the same though.

This isn’t so much of a highly developed political strategy as it is simply common human nature, among many of those who have taken or been given ultimate power and desire ultimate control, on only their own ideal terms. This has happened all through history all over the world, except, for here, and now. And here we are, now.

Obviously Trump doesn’t study history, or he wouldn’t recognize just how transparent his efforts appear to those who do. If he could identify all the ones who do know and had power to respond in a preferable manner, they would be first on a “list”. I’m pretty sure all of his new “BFF” dictators also recognize this about him, even if Trump doesn’t know that they do.

Thank God *our* governing history includes expert methods of countering just such a threat. Thee days I am enjoying watching our system systematically working to rid itself of this “cancer”.

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