I’m the Guy in the Movie Trying to Stay Dry by Holding a Newspaper Over My Head As I Run Through…
Gary M. Almeter

I’m the guy walking casually late at night down a dark city street, not looking behind me or swiveling my head to see who might be near in the shadows. I’ve got somewhere to go, but the trip there causes me no great concern.

The rare passerby usually doesn’t bring his eyes up from the ground for a second, and when he does, I quietly say “Hey” as expected. His eyes go back down and he keeps moving.

I know the street and the street knows me. I move in the rhythm, “going to” or “coming from”, not making myself a target by dallying in place without purpose.

I learned long before the simple acts and attitudes that prevent more danger than a weapon could solve. Street people rob street people, the weak are taken by the slightly stronger. Gunfire is the end result of arguments, often between close associates. Look as if you are neither and you are no longer “game”. Most people late at night just want to be left alone…

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