We shall not let democracy die
Yonatan Zunger

Is it not all too similar to the fall of the ancient Roman Republic?

Sure seems so to me. Caesar after Caesar figured out just how low of a priority they needed to place on the public’s impression of their propriety or fitness for duty.

The public (“Plebes”) no longer had anything to do with the process by which they could take power, and the Roman Senate had become an agency willingly separated from the powers that actually exercised whatever decisions they managed to actually agree upon.

Jut like today in the USA, manipulation and gratification became the most efficient shortcut keys to placement at the top. “Bread and Games for the Plebes; titles, villas and Denari’s for the Senators!”…

If one was not very good such politicking, then all that need be done is to bring to town an army that knew only you as their representative concept of Rome, and owed everything they had gained to only you, and simply pass by the Senate as you simply take your place.

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