(361): I’ve Developed Some Bad Habits
Betta Tryptophan

Maybe Medium has provided you with the same benefit I’ve been enjoying, I suspect as much as others.

Various life challenges had severely limited my choice of residential locale, and I found myself amidst a dry desert (literally) bereft of sophisticated social interaction and topical discussion.

Folks around here just “Donnoh, Doncare!”; as in “What is the current Presidents name?”. Those who can claim that information, can also repeat many of the 148-character screeds on the GOP 2016 election “Hit Parade”, and accept no other reality. Period.

The local newspaper had even began ceasing to sell their product in the few local convenience (liquor) stores, for lack of sales. Seriously, a lot of people here don’t read. Even those who can.

So there is much gratitude in my humble abode for places like this where “talk” is elevated to a practiced art form; where people are actually trying to get better at it, and I get to enjoy the fulfilling “filet mignon” that is the results.

I also get to try and elevate my own ability to communicate, where my words over three consonants, and sentences over 148 characters might still be valued for those very aspects. For my part that participation fills much the same need as reading a book, but also adds the feature of being interactive as well.

Imagine being able to “talk” to one of the authors of the books you would read; wouldn’t that be as good or better than reading their book?

Well, here they are; and here we are!

Savor the literary “Umami”, yum…

Best Umami Burger Recipe here!
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