Observations of a “Trump Trash” Cleanup.

Until recently, there was a totally trashed-out house & property next door to mine. It doesn’t look that way any more. Within just 2 weeks, the yard has been cleared, and the hoarder’s nightmare of the interior has also been cleared out all the garbage, piles of old unwashed clothes, discarded food and filthy dishes, and most of the belongings that the 4 methamphetamine addicted adults living there had not been able to move out.

The more I got to know the people, the more clear the basic problem there had become. Ok people to know as strangers, but a bunch of unrelated adults who barely tolerated each other, for the purpose of living amongst others who shared that same drug lifestyle.

They’d been given 3 month’s warning that the sheriffs staff would be by to physically evict them, since the property had already been bought from a tax lien auction. Even so, minimal preparation was made for moving anything out.

I’d allowed them to use my water via a hose going from my house to theirs, because theirs had been turned off a month before. I found out after several weeks that they had hooked up their swamp cooler, which had an easily fixable stuck float so would continually cascade water down a front wall.

On the day they were removed, apparently the owner was abandoned by his “friends”, and so he came over here surreptitiously seeking a place to stay. Of course there was no way I could do that, knowing that he likely had drugs on him at the time, as he always did.

All of the people there were fervent Trump supporters, even though they knew nothing about him, didn’t read newspapers or magazines, and never followed current events on the news. Didn’t matter, they still loved him without any knowledge about the man, what he’d done before or since becoming President.

After they left, the new owner sent over not one but two different crews; one to clean up the outside, one to empty out the smelly vermin-infested interior. I got to know both of the crews, who each were made up of single families; husband, wife and several children both. Both teams turned out to be illegal immigrants; yes they said so.

They worked morning, noon and night, through the 100+ degree heat. They sure appreciated the bottles of chilled water I’d bring over to them, allowing me to go and choose what I wanted from the leftover items. They all got pretty comfortable talking to me.

Here’s the thing that was so vividly illustrated there:

What many people consider the caricature die-hard “Trump Fanatics” was revealed in that instance to be absolutely true, in every way that people portray them; undeniable. Defiantly ignorant, drug-addicted, low-class hoarders. Compared to the “Gawd-Awful” illegals who made a family business of cleaning up properties left in horrible condition, by those previous kinds of people. Because no white people would ever lower themselves to do it.

I don’t need anybody’s “what-if’s”. I lived the reality day to day for years now at my current level of lifestyle. I don’t fear those people, I don’t sit and imagine what they are all like. I live among them. No Trump supporter’s dogmatic repetitions or canned beliefs make any sense to me against what I actually see, hear and experience, in the real world, in this year’s time frame.

Who will be left to clean up after Trump supporters, if we ever run out of work-oriented illegal immigrant families?