You write in much greater detail about what I have been writing about broadly — awesome.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

The thought comes to mind of a military strategy for dealing with widely scattered “asymmetrical” forces, one that I’ve been pleased to see pursued with success in routing ISIS from their “caliphate”:

Chase them out of their hideouts and holdings, and then give them no rest. Keep them constantly on the move, and then let their leaders choose what will be their last bastions of defense.

Thus they will have done to themselves what they had skillfully kept you from doing for such a long time: Cornered themselves into tightly packed areas which you can surround, and then prepare at your leisure to attack in a much more “conventional warfare” manner.

I’m pretty sure that Trump’s “forces” aren’t yet being purposely herded into a similar situation, but in some ways I see it happening kind of organically all by itself. As the revelations and personal connections multiply, as the past lies are quickly connected to the current deeptions, and as the culpability of the various characters becomes ever more clear, the most productive “target grouping” becomes closer together and more certainly verified.

I suspect that perhaps with a more civilian perspective, Mueller and his “Untouchables” might be employing just such a framework, for deciding the most efficient “target set” for their manpower resources.

Following the money in a RICO fashion will provide the “who and why”. As it does for military leaders, narrowing down the field in this fashion will help clarify and simplify the end-game “how”…

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