I think your numbers are correct, Jay. And please, it’s Jim to you, Jay.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

“This just in”: Here is what Trump’s voter data demand really is meant to accomplish, in support of protecting that margin: Keep people from voting in the 2018 and 2020 elections, especially if they’ve already been afraid to register. He already knows the limit of his voting bloc, now he must only keep any others out of the polls.

The proof of the simplicity and it’s effectiveness is already as easy to demonstrate as this bit of news, found at the Huffington Post: “Colorado Voters Are Canceling Their Registrations After Trump Request For Voter Data”.

Remember, that Trump is *already* running for re-election(!)

After finding out just how hard it is to gain the votes of people who have not yet voted or haven’t for a very long time, it suddenly dawned on me what major effect might be purposely wrought, by making a very public effort to gain all of the personal information from every voter in every state.

The similarly public outcry we’re seeing only guarantees that every already suspicious person will take notice of the event.

Imagine yourself as one of the non-voters being lobbied and recruited, seeing all over every media venue that your biggest reason for not voting all this time, is now the main effort being exercised by the very people whom you were most afraid would gain and misuse your personal data.

Can you believe this could not be an ulterior motive, for an act that they had to know would cause the exact kind of universal outrage that it has indeed caused?

How could anyone with half a brain imagine a positive response; just giving them what they demanded?

I say now, that Trump et al never intended to gain any data. How on earth would they even process such an outrageously massive data-dump anyway? They should already know they don’t have to make such a public demand for the data, either; publicly available already. So, why this action?

What they might already be gaining, is a most efficient bulwark against any people stepping up and voting their consciences in the 2018 or 2020 elections.

Remember that “War Room” cabal the Trump WH set up recently? This is exactly the kind of forward-looking long range strategy such people would of course propose. Does it sound like classic Bannon-think to anyone else?

I only hope that the damage has not yet been completely done. Obviously it can be far too easily done, people being how they are when they already don’t trust the government enough to even register to vote. And now even wanting to “UN-register” in Colorado? All arguments against this tactic’s effectiveness have been shown right there to be patently wrong.

This is typical strategy for the old and new Russia, and any third-world tin-pot dictatorship that desires to engineer an upcoming election so it looks like there will be no dissenting bloc of votes.

Will we let it happen here? In America?

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