Have We Tried Taking Trump To A Latino Party?
Ellie Guzman

Unfortunately, from the video evidence I’ve seen so far, Trump appears extremely uncomfortable in social situations that are not of his design.

He often looks like an island of isolation among the crowd when left to his own devices, really peculiar for a man with such high recognition status.

Maybe I’m only noticing it when he’s among regular folks, not political notables or media celebrities. I’m remembering how I saw him during his iconic “Church dance” episode in particular; can see the “force field” effect around him here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbkGAlqxFzQ

But then, with the application of generous offerings of cerveza and tequila, perhaps you might at last get him to do his infamous take on “Puhhherrtohh Rrriicohh!”

I’d like to be there, to then challenge him to pronounce some more place names, like “Michoacan”, “Pátzcuaro”, “Nezahualcóyotl” or “Coacalco de Berriozábal”. Would pay mucho dinero to hear that!

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