This is all very interesting but it doesn’t get to the heart of bias.
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Yeah, everybody has “bias”. How can you decide anything at all if you have virtually no preference for one thing or person over another? Could it be said, that one thing elevating us above other animals is really our capability to make value judgement, even about things, events or people we’ve never seen yet? Seems that way to me.

Striving to severely minimize any & all kinds of bias in human beings seems to me a fool’s mission to begin with, and also missing the point of avoiding damage done by the existence of bias as well. It’s all about what we do with our biases.

Imagine how much “bias” Lyndon B. Johnson had to have carried into the White House; much of that bias was what helped to get him that far up the political “food chain” at all. One more unapologetic Good Old Boy in the legendary “Good Old Boy Network”. Could it only have been by tragic episode that he and his biases could ever have become President?

And what did he do with it? Civil Rights Act? Whaat?

“Barely seven months after addressing Congress, Johnson would sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, banned segregation and provided for the integration of schools and other public facilities.

That Johnson was the president to pass such a historic bill seemed ironic: As a congressman, he voted against every single civil rights bill that ever made it to the floor between 1937 and 1956. Johnson reversed that record with a bang in 1957, pushing through the first civil rights bill to pass Congress since 1875.

He passed another one in 1960, but both bills were relatively weak compared to the far-reaching powers of the 1964 act. Even more paradoxically, as a Southern man of his time, Johnson used racist language–even as he smashed Jim Crow laws across the South.”

Pretty sure he knew all about his own biases, but still (for all his other faults) he chose to become a legendary example of having control over them, rather than allowing them to control him.

Anyone else should not have a problem…

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