Empire State Ride : Day 5

Respect. That’s the word which continually keeps coming back to me over and over today. Respect.

Respect for those who serve others. We started our trek out of Utica today with an escort from the local police department. These public servants did a remarkable job managing traffic for over 10 miles so we could all ride through the city safely.

Respect for this planet. Whether you are a biker, a runner, a hiker or a kayaker, enjoying the beauty of this planet in its natural state is a blessing

View from Lake Oneida

Respect for our bodies. We did another 90 miles today. In pretty intense heat. We all struggled at so many levels. For me, it required horse tape on my forearm and duct tape on my gear shifters to make it back. What we can achieve when we put our minds to it never ceases to amaze me.

Respect for life. Sometimes, you just need to be a bit corny.

Respect for my teenage son, who over the last 5 days has cycled close to 400 miles. By my side.

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