The Implosion of the Trump Presidency

America is now figuring out that Donald Trump is unfit to be President. In modern times, there has never been a President who did not function at least within the ‘high average’ range of overall intellectual ability. Most have been ‘superior’ or higher. This is not the case with the current incumbent as illustrated by compelling and noteably similar late night imitations, e.g., by Alec Baldwin, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, etc., all of whom effectively mimic a transparently unintelligent human being.

Whatever the President’s intellectual limitations, they are compounded by his personal pathology. Some four months prior to his electoral victory, I observed that Donald Trump met virtually all the criteria of three distinct personality disorders, In dynamic combination, these disorders make for an especially malignant brew. This triumvirate of traits not only describes Trump’s personality but also accurately predicts his behavior patterns. It is also relevant that Trump has explicitly embraced an unethical philosophy and a purposefully duplicitous business operating style,

I previously wondered if Trump might self-destruct before the election,, but this did not come to pass. Now the question becomes what he might take down with him when his Presidency does, in fact, collapse? Many people were concerned about the collateral damage when Richard Nixon — a much less unstable and vindictive character, was facing ruination. Donald Trump is currently subjecting the world’s preeminent democracy (as well as the world) to an unprecedented stress test. One can only hope that those in positions of authority and responsibility, whether Republican or Democrat, civilian or military, will be able to manage the uncertainties created by this Presidency’s impending implosion.