About Judgement

This last weekend my 18 month old son was on some medication that made him hyper as a side effect. During this period he was ridiculous. He could not sit still, he was crying about everything, and he was getting into everything.

If you were to see this little monster in action this weekend, you might label him a applied brat. That judgement would be incorrect. Normally, he is a pretty mellow kid who likes his food and likes his sleep. If you did not know the whole story your judgement would not be accurate.

This got me thinking about how we judge people on a tweet or an Instagram photo. We are still in the early stages of figuring out what all of this social media really means. At best we are seeing a mere snapshot of this person without really knowing the whole story.

To get a real and honest assessment of a man’s character, he deserves some time to show it to you.

I live in Miami, FL. Celebrities come here to vacation. The locals love to drop names and pass judgement. I must have heard this phrase a hundred times, “ Oh (insert name drop)? He is an ass! He is stuck up! He was soo rude!”

What you got was a snapshot of that guys life. He could have just gotten in a fight with his agent and you are the 10th person to interrupt his lunch. What you consider rude could be his best attempt at restraint.

Granted, some people deserve the title of asshole, but my point is to give them the opportunity to earn it.

These social media outlets have given us more acces into everyone’s life and we think we know people when we really don’t.

Withhold your judgements until you know the whole story.

You would want the same opportunity given to you to establish your character in the eyes of others.

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