Call Your Shot

In my youth, I played a lot of pick up basketball. There was this thing that this one player used to do that I thought was so cool. It would get to a point in the game where his team would need one more basket to win. He would dribble down the court with the ball and while he was shooting the game winning shot he would yell out, “That’s game!”. In otherwords this shot is going in and this game is now over.

In basketball, this is called calling your shot. What makes it so impressive is that the cool guy was declaring the game was over before the ball got anywhere near the rim. Sometimes it went in sometimes it bounced out, but I always admired the confidence it took to call your shot before you knew the outcome.

Whether you have ever stepped foot on a basketball court or not, it is time that you start calling your shots.

What do I mean by that? The reason that guy made most of those shots that he called was not because he practiced more than anyone else. Yes, he had talent but the reason that shot usually went in was because he had already decided the outcome in his head. It was a done deal.

Calling your shot creates certainty around your goals that nothing else can. When I call my shot by saying that millions of people will read what I have to say, I am solidifying it in my mind. It immediately shifts my mind from thinking about all of these reasons why that won’t happen and starts planning for the reality I want.

Calling your shot is like booking a flight. Before you book the ticket you are thinking about where you want to go, if you can afford it, or if that is the right weekend to travel. The minute you get that conformation you start packing your bag, you start calling people you know at that destination, and you start picking out what restaurants you would like to go to. The question is no longer whether you are going it is now what are you going to do when you get there.

EVERYONE is sick and tired of Kanye’s ego driven rants, but there is a method to his madness. If you have followed Mr. West from the beginning, he has always made these big inflated statements about his work even when he had nothing to back it up.

What Kanye is doing is calling his shot. When he says he is the most influential artist in the world he is shifting his focus from whether or not it is true, to it being the TRUTH in his mind.

You have been taught to create a humble wish around your goals. You are taught to be surprised when you achieve success…

This approach will keep in that pergatory we call hope.

Stop trying to convince yourself that it might happen and start considering it a done deal.

Start calling your shots.