It’s Crowded In The Middle

With all of my posts, I am trying to figure out what keeps most of us from getting the results that we want in our lives. Why does it seem as if most of us are sitting on the sidelines while the elite are hopping on their private planes and having all the fun?

What is so special about those select few?

There are many factors that contribute to the success of a person.What makes certain people wildly successful is that they all make an extremely rare decision.

They decide to be the best.

I don’t care what field of endeavor you choose, when you are the best it is an intentional decision. A decision made long before any work is done.

Average performance is created because this decision is never made. Most people are under the assumption that they will simply do their best and eventually they will achieve greatness.

In most circumstances, what you think is your best and what being the best requires are miles apart. Being the best is going to ask you to call on parts of yourself that you did not know existed.

The reason why it is so crowded in the middle of the pack is because everyone wants to get all the perks of being the best without making the sacrifice to be the best. Everyone wants the cars, boats, and mansions. They don’t realize that those are just the perks of being the best.

Around this time of year you are going to hear a lot of people making wild claims about the upcoming year:

“I am bossin up this year.”

“I am going to get my high school body back!”

“This year I am going to be rich!”

These statements have no power because there is very little accountability in them. The average middle of the pack achiever loves them because they feel good but don’t force you to stretch yourself.

You never hear anyone say, I am going to be the best in the world at X this year.


Because saying that would mean jumping into the unknown. It means that you will be required to perform at a level you are unfamiliar with. Deciding to be the best immediately catapults you out of your comfort zone. This is why this decision is so rare.

Are you going to make the decision to be the best?

The best is going to require you to go beyond your previous capabilities.

The best is going to require you to do things the average majority will consider excessive.

The best is simply not for everyone.

This is why it is crowded in the middle.

This post is unique because I am speaking to myself as much as I am speaking to you. I have not made the decision to be the best at my various crafts either.

We all have this brand new year ahead of us filled with potential.

Let’s start it off by making the most terrifying yet powerful decision we can make.

I am making the decision to be the best. Will you join me?