Keep Your Dreams To Yourself

Congratulations daydreamer, you have finally gotten some clarity on what you want to do with your life. Your first inclination is to run and tell everyone what your are about to do.

That would be a mistake.

Dreams are best kept to yourself, at least initially. I understand that you are excited about your new found dream. I speak from experience when I tell you that if you ever want your dream to see the light of day, DO NOT DISCUSS IT.

I am all for sharing your dreams with a few trusted accountability partners but that should be it. I have come up with three reasons why you should keep your mouth shut.

Reason #1 Your dream is unrealistic.

Everyone has unrealistic dreams but most of us live average lives. If you have a worthy dream, there is a good chance that nothing in your life right now even remotely looks like your dream.

When you tell people your dream they will find joy in pointing out that huge gap between your present and your future. You can’t expect others to see your vision. It is your dream, you will have to be the first person to see your dream before it is realistic.

This is why it is best to just keep it to yourself .

Reason #2 Your dream will make other’s uncomfortable.

Your girlfriend/family love you just the way you are. Most do not want you to grow. When you come in the house talking about these huge dreams, the first thing they are thinking is, “Where do I fit in all of this?” They associate you achieving this dream with you leaving them. They want to support you but in their heart that fear compels them to sabotage your progress. Do not try to convince them that you are not going to leave them. It is so much easier just to go after your dreams in silence.

It also makes them uncomfortable because it forces them to look at their lives and recall all their dreams that have faded over time. Most people do not want to think about this and won’t appreciate you doing all that dreaming around them.

Reason #3 Your dream is fragile

Right now you have probably taken very little action towards your dream. When you tell people what you are up to, they will demand to know how you are going to do it. If you do not have all of the steps in place, they will dismiss it as just talk. What these people fail to realize is that there is rarely a clear path for big dreams. The how will show up along the way.

Small minded people have a hard time understanding that if the vision is strong enough, the how will come.

Your dream is fragile, especially in the early stages. If you don’t protect it, there is a good chance it may fall apart before you ever get started. The more you share it with people the easier it is for them to talk you out of it. Instead of trying to defend it, just go out and make it happen.

Take that excitement for your dream and channel it into actions that will make it a reality. No one really wants to hear what you are going to do anyway. They want to see IF you can do it.

Show don’t tell.