Write Your Own Script

I am firm believer that there is an ideal life for you.

This ideal life consists of you discovering all of your gifts and talents and using them to inspire, uplift, and progress humankind.

One of the underlying themes of my writing is that we all have sacred work to accomplish while we are here.

Unfortunately, your average person does not believe that there is an ideal life for them. Most of us have been conditioned to accept whatever falls into our collective lap.

The ideal life never just happens. It takes intentional action and a commitment to see it manifest.

All of the people we celebrate, Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and whomever else you deem as legendary all have one thing in common. They have discovered their life’s sacred work and made the commitment to leverage their gifts for the benefit of mankind.

So why aren’t YOU on the cover of Time magazine yet?

It’s not because you are any less talented or gifted than any of those celebrated individuals I mentioned.

You have the same amount of potential to be a force in this world that they did. (READ THAT AGAIN)

The main reason why people do not get anywhere near that ideal life is that they are not living out their own script.

Imagine your life story being a script. Everyone has their own script where they are the main character. Whoever writes your script determines the life that you as the main character will live.

What separates those exceptional human beings from the average joe, is that somewhere along their journey they decided to defy convention and tradition and write their own script.

Most people are on autopilot and pick up the first script they find on the coffee table. Often this is the script your parents wrote for you consisting of all of their unfulfilled hopes and dreams that weren’t completed in their scripts. Sometimes it could be a script of your friends and peer group filled with rules and regulations of what you should do in life.

We all know deep down what we are supposed to do with our lives. Until you start writing your own script, you will always feel out of character. Those parts of the script when you achieve success,won’t feel like a success. You will make it to the NFL but can’t wait till the off season. You will graduate medical school but the mere thought of your residency makes you ill. Your victories will feel empty because they were never meant for you.

Now compare this to when you are truly living your script. People will start to say you are playing the role you were born to play. Fulfillment will find you during the most mundane tasks. There will be no need to get into character, because this will be who you truly are.

Wherever you are in life right now, there is a high probability that you are living out the script that someone else wrote for you. Trust yourself and start questioning what it truly means for you to live your ideal life. Revise and edit that script until you are living your truth.

I look forward to seeing you on the cover of Time magazine.